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iPod accessories: Top 5 reasons why you need Video Glasses!

You’ve Made It Without Video Glasses So Far, So Why Do You Need This Accessory Now?

IPods are everywhere and you say yours works great. You have all your favorite music, movies, and photos loaded on it. You enjoy it and don’t leave home without it. Sometimes you prefer your iPod over your best friend. Sound familiar?

Well let me share with you a little about video glasses and why you want to consider adding this accessory to your iPod or portable video device.

Top 5 Reasons You Need Video Glasses for Your iPod

1. VIEW - Let’s face it. You might have the latest and greatest screen on your iPod. However, it is still just a mini screen that catches glare and reflections from the light. All these things tend to leave your eyes straining to view and reduce your enjoyment. However, with this accessory you can change that and enjoy your own portable home theater experience. The video glasses have two tiny screens that project a big screen effect which seems to appear about 1-2 meters away. You can enjoy an amazing large screen, 3D viewing experience, comparable to viewing up to an 80” screen.

2. SOUND - Get noise reducing, stereo sound from the built in ear buds. This helps provide that full cinematic, surround sound effect.

3. PRIVACY - No more concern about bothering those around you and no more snooping eyes and ears over your shoulder. These portable video glasses provide a private home theater experience regardless of your surroundings.

4. COMFORT - Video glasses are light weight and designed for hours of comfortable wear. Eliminate eye strain and sore neck from viewing a tiny screen. No more sore arm from holding the device up to your face. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your very own private viewing and listening experience in comfort.

5. FASHION - The style of the video glasses continues to improve and most now tend to sport the look of trendy sunglasses. Be prepared for comments and inquiries as these glasses continue to grow in popularity.

In summary, sure you’ve made it without video glasses so far. However, now you can see some of the primary reasons you can gain even greater enjoyment and use from your iPod or portable media device. Greater enjoyment gained by simply adding this accessory. Consider big screening your device today and enjoy an amazing 3D cinematic, surround sound experience.

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