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Your Personal Experience

Your next experience in virtual reality...you're part of it!

A true solid Value Proposition as you can conclude from the following applications.

"On the Road":      Enjoy personal experience
Watching music videos, TV shows, films, and while on the move....yes you can!!
Traveling for business by plane or commute between your home and your work, take your video eyewear with you. Turn your waiting and travel time into a true 'quality time' experience. Without becoming tired while keeping something big in your hands for more than 2 hours, you can enjoy Cinema vision!
Enjoy true mobile video freedom, anywhere, anytime. No compromise with tiny images on a small screen (like iPod Video) or carry around a heavy screen to get a true large-screen experience.
Enjoy the excitement!

"Excitement with 3D Personal Cinema":      3D video experience!
Want to find yourself immersed in a 3D world with our video glasses with 3D option (NTSC only) without the need to travel to a amusement park to experience this? Yes, you can!
Just use our Video Glasses and  enjoy anywhere, anytime.

"Game Experience to the Next Level of Intensity":    Gaming with increased intensity with video glasses!
Participate more intensively by "beaming" yourself straight into the game to enjoy without disturbances from the surrounding world. Video glasses can be connected to all game consoles, like PlayStation (2, 3), Xbox (360), GameCube and Nintendo Wii.
Ready for the next level? Yes, you can!

"Dental Patient Distraction":    
Medical specialists want to distract patients so they focus less on pain and experience your treatment as expert treatment? Yes, you can!
Use our video eyewear to distract the patient and let him/her focus less on pain and more on the audiovisual content they are watching. Scientific studies offer the evidence of its effectiveness!
Allow your patients to experience this.

"Effective Promotion Tool":        Video glasses for presentation excellence!
Want your business relation to receive your message more intense without being disturbed by a colleague or environment and witout losing the impact of the communication? Yes, you can!
Video eyewear is the ultimate 'narrow casting' supporting tool! 
Present your project or business message via this unique communication manner.
Ideal for architects, interior designers and businesses who want to present their business and business opportunity at a Trade show. Imagine the impact it will have!

"It's your Personal Movie Experience":     Enjoy personal video at the pool!
Want to lay relaxed in bed watching your favorite show or movie as if you are in a cinema and that all without disturbing your partner? Yes, you can!
Experience the excitement and feel reborn afterwards.
Do the same at the swimming pool or at the beach? Yes, you can!
Enjoy your personal movie experience with our video glasses.

"Record Handsfree your Exciting Expriences":     camera glasses to record your personal experience!
Want to record your exciting skitrip down the hill during wintersport to show your family? Yes, you can!
With our camera glasses you can record over 4 hours of exciting moments you don't want to evaporate. Playback at a later stage and impress family and friends or email it to your family far away.
Want to keep the memories of the enjoyable biketrip with your kids? Yes, you can!
Try our camera glasses and you will be amazed.
Enjoy this true user-friendly medium for storing experiences!

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