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Yes, you can...be more emotionally involved in Games and Video!

We live without any doubt in the era of technology. New discoveries are being made by the minute and there seems to be no limit to how many gadgets appear on the market. Society is interested in super-cool gizmos, especially when it comes to those that are new and based on major advances and allow people to be emotionally more involved.

One of those super-cool gizmos seems to be stuck in the terminology “gadget” already for some time: Video Glasses. Several decades ago we would have regarded video glasses like something taken out of the movies but nowadays they can be found easy online and have so many great features that it’s impossible to decide what you like most about them Spotting someone in an airport departure lounge watching a movie on a pair of video glasses may still seem a mite outlandish – OrangeDwarf does not believe that will be for long. Our vision is that in the years to come, millions of people will be using these glasses as an almost natural extension of the small screens on their mobile devices. “Video glasses are really the most cost effective way of getting a big screen on a small device!”
All kind of information and data can be placed onto the glasses. It will become natural to be out and about with them on!

Video glasses, with their stylish yet functional design are lightweight, come with 80 inch of virtual display, high pixel count allowing superior resolution for movies, games and many other computer related activities. They accept txt file ebooks, mp3 (audio) and mp4, mpg and avi (video) and have an impressive contract ratio (200:01), colordepth (24bits) and backlit control to be used in darkness. They offer the greatest possible experience thanks to the 3D technology for NTSC playback and have a video standard detect to switch automatically between the various video systems (NTSC, PAL as well as SECAM).

The Mobile Digital Theater Glasses version MT320, with playback facility in the glasses itself, offer a memory card slot ready to adapt your mini SD card (up to 4G of fun!).
Accessories for these products include, among others, high tech earphones, installation CD, user manual for a better understanding, charger, high-quality lithium batteries, USB cable and even remote control.

The laptop video glasses, for instance the PCM920 (VGA), are easily to connect to your portable computer through the various devices you are offered, including VGA cable or AV jack. Why settle for a 22 inch monitor when you can enjoy the same music, movies or programs on a virtual 80 inch incredible display? Why watch a movie, play a video game or browse the internet on a tiny screen when you could be doing so on a 80” one?
You can choose to watch movies with DVD quality directly from your iPod player when traveling or any type of player for that matter (Car video player) or enjoy an amazing gaming experience on their PS2 or Xbox console.

Virtual reality has been brought one step closer to us with these video glasses; we can watch our favorite movie, browse our favorite photos, listen to the music we like, read e-books and enjoy true emotional involvement in games with a cute designed, slim, pair of glasses. Other application examples can be mentioned

Top product today is the MT920 which offers the highest pixel density (920K), the sharpest resolution and the biggest virtual screen size (80”) compared to any video wear of its size. The same spec can also be delivered in an interesting wireless version, the MT920W.
The development in video eyewear will proceed. Following the trend in VD/BlueRay, there still will be an ever rising number of pixels and virtual screensize…all the way up to high definition quality. OrangeDwarf will keep offering you the latest experiences with virtual reality.

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