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We are aware...!

While some have questioned the security of information transmitted over the Internet, the truth is that our secure servers fully encrypt sensitive data for safe, trouble-free transactions. Orangedwarf.com utilizes all of the latest security methods and fraud detection techniques to protect any and all information you entrust to us.

If you use Netscape or Internet Explorer as your Web browser (and are not using a relay or proxy), all Orangedwarf.com transactions are fully encrypted and secure. If you use a relay or proxy, check your browser's lock indicator (usually a picture of a lock or a key) to see if it is secure. Credit card information transmitted online is encrypted while in transit, so that even if the information is intercepted, because it is encrypted, it is useless to a would-be thief.

The growth of electronic commerce has made the security of online information of utmost importance. This demand for security has fueled the continuing development of products to ensure the security of transactions on the Internet. Orangedwarf.com is very supportive of these efforts and continues to implement improvements as quickly as possible.

Ultimately, we have as much to lose to internet- & credit card fraud as you do. Because we are an Internet-only retailer, all our financial transactions are an enormous part of our business. Any breakdown in security means lost revenue and lost customers. You can be assured that we are highly motivated to ensure that any online transaction with Orangedwarf.com is as secure as possible.

In light of recent media attention regarding the security of Internet sites, please be assured that all customer information is stored on Orangedwarf.com's secure server and is inaccessible to outside parties.



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