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How to transfer your iPod in the ultimate 3D experience?

Why Not Get The Most Out Of Your iPod With This Amazing Accessory?

So you’ve got an iPod. You’ve loaded it with all your personal goodies of music, videos, pictures, etc. You don’t leave home without it. Some days it is your best friend. Well now you can enjoy your best friend even better with a fun accessory called virtual theater video glasses.

You can also find this iPod accessory referred to by a variety of names such as: video eyewear, video glasses, or video goggles, personal media viewers, personal media device glasses, personal media eyewear, personal displays, iPod glasses, and iWear.

The virtual theater video glasses simply plug into your iPod to transform it into an amazing personal 3D experience. They are actually suitable for a huge variety of devices. Basically, if your audio/video device has video out, it's very likely that a pair of video glasses will support it. These glasses are light weight and fit like sunglasses. They have a mini screen behind each lens that creates a large screen viewing experience which appears to be a couple meters away.

Adding this accessory can help you eliminate eye strain from straining to view the tiny screen on your iPod. You have to admit, even though the screen quality on iPods and personal media devices may be improving, they are still small, have reflection from the light, and simply are not private. Virtual theater video glasses give the feel of being in a dark room, watching a large TV, rather than staring at a mini screen in the palm of your hand. So why not make the most of your iPod with a viewing screen ratio comparable up to an 80" screen crammed in a pair of little virtual theater video glasses?

No more squirming around trying to get the glare off the screen.

No more sore arm from holding your iPod up so you can see it.

No more neck strain from looking down all the time.

Ear buds are also included with the glasses to add that surround sound theater effect. You’ll get a private viewing and listening experience from your favorite videos and movies. This is a great way to better enjoy your iPod while you’re on-the-go, traveling, waiting during appointments, going for a walk, or simply not wanting to interrupt others. A fun gadget you’re sure to get used to quickly.

Make the most of your iPod or personal media device today and transform it into the ultimate 3D experience. With this accessory, you can now sit back, relax, and enjoy your very own private viewing and listening experience in comfort.

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