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How to big screen the view on your personal media player, PDA or mobile phone?

Learn How to Transform the Mini Screen on Your Portable Device to a Big Screen Cinema Experience

Oh how we love our iPods, MP3 players, PDA's, mobile phones and personal media devices. They are everywhere and we don't leave home without them. They keep us company, entertain and inform us. The compact nature and design make them ideal for on-the-go. However, with the ever rising use of video, this leaves a "small" problem. The small screens can be a big strain on the eyes.

Although the new high-quality screens are popping up on these portable devices everywhere, you would have to agree they are still very small. And with the added problem of light reflection, there is the unavoidable issue of eye strain.

Well , thanks to the techno geeks in this world, that keep on creating fun gadgets for us, you have the ability to enjoy an amazing private viewing experience from your portable media player! This is possible with the creation of video eyewear. This accessory is also referred to as: video glasses or goggles, media viewer glasses, iwear, mobile digital theater or personal media viewers.

Video eyewear looks and fits like a combination of sunglasses and goggles. Two tiny screens are built in the eyewear which projects a big screen effect that appears to be about 1-2 meters away. With these light, comfortable glasses, you can enjoy viewing for hours at a time without eye strain.

These video glasses are not totally enclosed, so you can see what is going on around you. This allows you to be out doing other things at the same time. Get your workout or walk in while watching your favorite movie!

Ear buds or built in speakers are included for a full cinematic effect. You’ll have the advantage of private sound and viewing without interrupting those around you.

Color, resolution, battery life, compatibility, and price vary. Do a quick search in the Orangedwarf shop for video eyewear and find the personal media glasses that will transform your mini screen into an amazing big screen viewing experience on-the-go.

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