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Great Sony Playstation accessories

Great Sony PSP accessories will bring an ultimate gaming experience!

The Best Playstation 3 Accessories

Sony's PlayStation 3 has astonished the public upon its release. It is so because this latest version of the PlayStation series is laden with exciting features and thrilling enhancements. Playstation 3 accessories can definitely add more fun onto the video game experience. The PS3 will only be enjoyed at its fullest with the accessories. These accessories can certainly light up the games. In line with Sony's commitment to make its users happy, the company made use of the latest technology to create the best accessories for the video game console.
The basic Playstation 3 accessories are listed below.

Controllers: there are two types of controllers for the PlayStation 3, the Sixaxis and the DualShock 3. The Sixaxis is a wireless controller with motion-sensing capabilities. It detects motions in a 3-dimensional axis. The accessory provides greater freedom in movement when playing a game. The Sixaxis controller has no vibrations unlike the DualSchock. The vibrations were removed to allow more comfort during the game. The DualShock 3, on the other hand, will replace the Sixaxis soon. DualShock 3 has all the same basic features as the Sixaxis, except that the DualShock retains the vibration.

Headset: the headset allows the user to play in solitude to avoid disruptions from other people. The user, on the other hand, avoids distracting other people while playing or watching movies. This also allows the user to listen to music using the console. Most commercial USB headsets can be used with the PS3.

Memory Card Adaptor:  among the Playstation 3 accessories, this equipment is necessary. This enhancement allows the console to be compatible with its predecessors, thePlaystation 1 and the Playstation 2. The saved games from the earlier versions can be transferred to the Playstation 3. It can be connected to the console's USB port. It can be purchased along with the PS3.

Wireless keypad:  this is a revolutionary piece of technology. This new accessory, which is soon to be released by Sony, will allow the user to control the cursor when browsing on some web pages on the Internet.

PlayTV:  this is one of the amazing PlayStation 3 accessories. It is a twin-channel DVB-T tuner peripheral with digital video recorder software. PlayTV allows users to record television programs to the PS3, to be viewed later, while playing a game. Now that is great! This is definitely a great accessory for the PS3.

BD Remote:  this is another necessary PS3 accessory. The enhancement allows the gamer to remotely control Blu-ray disc videos and music via Bluetooth. What makes BD remote unique is that it no longer needs to be pointed at the console for it to work. Radio wave technology, the same with infrared, is used to direct its commands.

Video Glasses: last but certainly not least! Quite often the most sensitive sensor, responsible for the transfer of picture into the brain, is forgotten...the eyes. With these video glasses one is able to create the ultimate gaming experience!
These Playstation 3 accessories can definitely enhance the PS3 console's capability. The PS3, which is already an amazing gadget, will become more marvelous with these accessories. The PS3 console's capabilities will be maximized to its fullest extent using these enhancements. The gaming experience becomes more thrilling with the PlayStation 3 accessories.


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