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Pokemon Go US beta begins, battle mechanics detailed - CNET
Catch Pokemon in the real world with Pokemon Go; here's a breakdown of how it works and more.

Adios, Nexus 9 tablet. HTC has moved on - CNET
HTC confirms it isn't making any more of the slates, and only a limited supply is available on the company's site.

Senate bill would let FBI read your emails without a court order - CNET
The 2017 Intelligence Authorization Act would deal a blow to privacy by making government surveillance easier.

Astronaut celebrates Towel Day on the space station exactly like he should - CNET
Astronaut Tim Peake unveils a unique towel in space in honor of author Douglas Adams.

Hitman's elusive targets are about to become more difficult - CNET
Couldn't assassinate The Forger, the first of Hitman's Elusive Targets, when it was released recently? Don't expect things to get any easier.

Apple CEO Tim Cook swears he saw an iPhone in a 350-year-old painting - CNET
Technically Incorrect: Speaking in Amsterdam, Cook jokes that he's not sure Steve Jobs actually invented Apple's iconic device.

Nintendo giving 500 fans chance to play The Legend of Zelda Wii U in June - CNET
Here's how you could be one of them.

Titanfall 2 rumoured to include grappling hook, bigger maps - CNET
New gameplay details seemingly leaked on Titanfall subreddit.

Beechwood speaker simulates the resonance of vinyl records - CNET
The Louis speaker by New Black is inspired by analog sound and works completely free of electronics.

Europe wants shopaholics to head for the digital border - CNET
Different prices in different countries will be a thing of the past if the European Commission has its way.

Gears of War designer says he could make 1-2 more games - CNET
Whether or not he makes more games could depend on if he becomes a father.

Hodor door stops, if you can quit bawling long enough to use them - CNET
Product inspired by the latest big "Game of Thrones" plotline is practical, but probably can't hold back the White Walkers.

See gorgeous lightning strikes blaze in super slo-mo - CNET
Witness the power of lightning slowed way, way down in a video that shows every slash of electricity as it cuts through the sky.

Behold this amazing Lego pop-up Japanese castle - CNET
Fan pays tribute to the iconic Himeji Castle by transforming a flat pack of Legos into a 3D homage, all without using any glue.

Gawker doesn't get a do-over in Hulk Hogan trial - CNET
A Florida judge rules there won't be a retrial or a reduction in the $140 million verdict awarded to the wrestler in a sex-tape case. But Gawker likely will appeal the decision.

Clinton knocked for email use in State Department report - CNET
A State Department report reviewed by CNN said Hillary Clinton did not follow rules for e-mail preservation while she was secretary of state.

NASA reveals details on experimental space habitat during Reddit AMA - CNET
Experts behind the first human-rated expandable space habitat answer questions on Reddit to promote the start of its 2-year test mission.

Apple's retail plans in India could hit local-sourcing roadblock - CNET
India wants the company to adhere to a policy of buying 30 percent of its components from local vendors, a problem for Apple, which currently sources virtually everything from China.

Neil Gaiman, Jarvis Cocker reveal secrets of their 'Likely Stories' - CNET
This new adaptation of Gaiman's short stories explores the unsettling places at the edges of the world we know.

Apple releases iOS 9.3.3 beta to public testers - CNET
The company hasn't disclosed what bugs the latest update is designed to squash.

Microsoft could release two new Xbox models in next two years - CNET
It's reportedly prepping a cheaper, slimmer model for release this year, and a more powerful model for 2017, signaling a new strategy of more frequent updates.

Microsoft may launch two TV streaming devices at E3 - CNET
One of them is a Chromecast-like streaming device.

Alleged iPhone 7 cases identical to those for iPhone 6, 6S - CNET
If the products are legitimate, they offer further evidence that the next iPhone won't be any different than the iPhone 6 and 6S in size and shape.

Yahoo's newest suitor for its Internet business: AT&T - CNET
The telecom giant has already placed a bid for Yahoo's core Internet business, according to a report.

AT&T's prepaid GoPhone plans suddenly got a little better - CNET
AT&T quietly bumps up the amount of data you get from two of its plans.

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