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Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, the original Iron Man - CNET
Legendary Australian bushranger Ned Kelly held the Siege of Glenrowan in an impenetrable suit of armour.

'Tetris' movie bricks up to become a trilogy - CNET
Could three movie based on the popular block stacking game be entertaining enough? The person behind the "Tetris" movie seems to think so.

Juno closing in on Jupiter, sends first photograph - CNET
As it closes in on its research target, NASA probe Juno has sent back a photograph of Jupiter and four of its moons.

Lady Gaga is now banned in China - CNET
The American pop star is the latest victim of the Great Firewall of China, angering the country's officials by meeting with the Dalai Lama.

Scientists discover new freaky-looking, amphibious centipede - CNET
In Southeast Asia and fancy a dip by a waterfall? You may want to watch out for this vicious-looking centipedes, the first of its species known to be amphibious.

The Roam-e Flying Selfie drone camera from Australia takes 360-degree shots - CNET
The future of hands-free selfies has arrived, thanks to this flying drone camera that uses facial recognition to follow you around.

Anki's Cozmo robot is a mashup of adorable and AI (Tomorrow Daily 384) - CNET
We can't wait to get our hands on this cute little robot; he's got some neat features we're dying to try out.

Adorable SpaceX Falcon 9 drone sticks its watery landing - CNET
A mini-me version of SpaceX's reusable Falcon 9 rocket attempts a landing on a barge in a pool, and it's a thing of beauty.

Airbnb sues to block new San Francisco rental law - CNET
Short-term rental company claims new amendment violates a host of federal laws, including the First Amendment.

All about the Benjamins: Study ranks Toyota ahead of Tesla on self-driving - Roadshow
A study by Lux Research on self-driving initiatives among automakers suggests monetization trumps technology.

Infrared Jupiter looks hot as Juno spacecraft approaches - CNET
NASA's mission to explore the Jovian system has almost reached its destination, and telescopes on Earth are capturing some especially fiery images of the planet to help.

Passengers film from inside Singapore Airlines flight as plane burns - CNET
Technically Incorrect: The right engine of a Boeing 777 bursts into flames during an emergency landing at Singapore's Changi airport.

If Google built a phone -- well, it's complicated - CNET
A new report says Google will come out with its own branded phone. It's the latest in a long, winding history of how Google has answered the iPhone question.

Brexit‬ drama: Should the tech world be worried? (The 3:59, Ep. 68) - CNET
Plus, we talk about the growth of Netflix and Hulu, as well as Google's new educational tech.

Best Buy launches pilot program to give your home a tech makeover - CNET
The electronics retailer is testing out a new ​in-home consultation service in Atlanta, San Antonio, and Austin.

Singapore becomes the third country in the world to get Android Pay - CNET
Google's mobile payment makes its way to Asia, with the island state the first in the region to accept the service.

Drones keep getting into firefighters' way - CNET
Small, personal drones are interfering with air crews fighting wildfires across the American Southwest, Time magazine reports.

See blazing solar material do the twist over the sun's surface - CNET
Get up close with some dramatic sun activity as NASA zooms in on a fascinating solar happening.

The live-action Minecraft movie is happening, but you won't see it until 2019 - CNET
Warner Bros. and game developer Mojang have finally announced the official release date for the highly anticipated Minecraft film adaptation.

Facebook's Slideshow feature takes on Apple Memories - CNET
In the battle for user-created content, Facebook makes Slideshow available to iPhone and iPad users ahead of Apple's Memories feature in iOS 10.

Mazda improves its steering and nobody will ever know - Roadshow
The new G-Vectoring technology from Mazda promises to make its smooth steering even smoother. Too bad you probably won't consciously feel anything different.

Schwarzenegger confesses he was 'way too ripped' to play Conan - CNET
The actor and former California governor revealed on Reddit that he had to gain body fat to play the title role in the 1982 fantasy film. Oh, and he explained his technique for biting a dead vulture.

Tour de France will use high-tech scanning system to find hidden motors - CNET
The bike race's governing body says it will use a tablet, case, adapter and custom software to test the frame, wheels and components in under a minute.

Report: Google-branded phone coming this year - CNET
The tech giant is said to be building a handset without any phone manufacturing partners.

Twitch just invented this animated emoji that costs $140 to use once - CNET
Fans of Twitch's live-streaming gamers now can "cheer" them on in chat rooms with animated icons, ranging in cost from a couple of pennies to $140, in a new tipping system.

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