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Crave giveaway: Custom-designed Timbuk2 messenger bag - CNET
CNET's Jessica Dolcourt visited the Timbuk2 factory and personally designed a cool-looking bag. One winner gets to take it home this week.

Star Wars and Mario make the perfect combination in 'Star Kart!' - CNET
YouTube user Dark Pixel mashes up Star Wars with Nintendo's Mario Kart games in this fun fan-made video. Mario flies an X-Wing like a Rebel, and he doesn't have to rely on the Force, either.

Stylish NASA posters imagine the future of space tourism (pictures) - CNET
In future centuries, popular vacation destinations may literally be out of this world. NASA commissioned a new installment of speculative vintage travel posters to sell the best spots to visit in our solar system and beyond.

AT&T jumps into the fast lane with ultraspeedy 5G field trial - CNET
5G is supposed to give you Internet connection speeds that are 10 to 100 times faster than today's. The carrier's first field test happens in Austin, Texas.

Innovative electric go-kart packs Wi-Fi and GPS smarts - Roadshow
Silicon Valley startup creates an electric go-kart with high-tech smarts that both parents and kids can appreciate.

Tesla to reveal more about Model 3 on March 31, then start taking reservations - Roadshow
Tesla is readying the first glimpse of its first affordable vehicle, the Model 3. The reveal is set for March 31, and it can't come soon enough, as the automaker is facing increasingly tough questions about its future.

Killing time in Quantum Break - CNET
Hands-on with Remedy's unrelenting action game where time manipulation can save you from disaster.

New glimpses of 'Game of Thrones,' season 6 (pictures) - CNET
We've barely scratched the surface of winter, and new "Game of Thrones" pics are here to warm us up. Let's frantically dissect them, one by one. (Caution: possible spoilers definitely await!)

There's a new AAA IP coming from Ubisoft in the next 14 months - CNET
The game is described as "high-potential" and one that will have a "strong digital live service offer."

XCOM 2's technical issues are being investigated - CNET
2K tells fans it's hearing complaints and will do something about it.

Pandora's new tune: Selling itself? - CNET
The Internet's largest streaming-music service is shopping itself to buyers, sources tell The New York Times.

PancakePow is our favorite whiskey-loving, wings-eating e-sports host (Tomorrow Daily 314 show notes) - CNET
We sit down with e-sports commentator and all-around awesome person Paola Alejandra to discuss the past, present and future of professional gaming (and maybe a little bit of cosplay).

Google may disconnect the phone for its VR vision of the future - CNET
The next version of the search giant's virtual reality goggles may be a lot more advanced than a folded piece of cardboard -- and not need a phone at all.

Instagram's now going to show you how many people watch your videos - CNET
Was your video a flop or success? Instagram will soon show you.

Ancient amber proves early insects were keen on high society - CNET
"Downton Abbey" has nothing on these ants and termites. Thanks to 100-million-year-old amber, we now have even earlier proof that insects have long known something about social class.

Einstein nailed it! Gravitational waves do exist - CNET
Scientists prove Einstein's theory after spotting black holes collide.

Drop everything. Microsoft wants to tell you what dog your face is - CNET
Technically Incorrect: The latest in a series of facial recognition experiments by the software maker will captivate people everywhere. It might even amuse their dogs.

Quantum Break PC version confirmed - CNET
Plus, Alan Wake will be included with the Xbox One version; white 500 GB console bundle also announced.

This guy wants to set millions of CIA documents free - CNET
A huge cache of declassified CIA documents are technically open to the public, but too difficult for most to access. A Kickstarter campaign wants to change that.

Eight big movies even more romantic than 'Deadpool' (pictures) - CNET
Two baffled CNET reviewers do their best to look past the explosions in these classic rom-coms, from the touching Alan Rickman vehicle "Die Hard" to cutesy feel-good flick "The Hunger Games."

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