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NASA looking at 'hitchhiking' across solar system on speeding comets
A spacecraft concept under development could shoot diamond harpoons at space rocks to slingshot itself around our corner of the galaxy.

Rival accuses Google's Waze of stealing traffic data
If proven true, the lawsuit could show the search giant took a wrong turn in its bidding war with Facebook over Waze in 2013.

Lenovo Phab Plus
Lenovo Phab Plus

Elon Musk reveals when you can order a Tesla Model 3 electric car
Tesla's CEO tweets a few details about the company's upcoming electric car, billed as more affordable than its predecessor, including when it should hit the market.

President Obama roams Alaska with, oh, a selfie stick
Technically Incorrect: Posting to Twitter and Instagram, the president wants to highlight climate change. But a selfie stick? Is that wise?

Hulu launches an ad-free tier...with 7 exempt shows (Tomorrow Daily 236)
Ashley and Khail discuss their favorite phone and wearable out of IFA 2015, and debate if $12.99 is worth it for a (mostly) commercial-free Hulu subscription.

Teen reportedly shoots self dead while taking selfies with gun
Technically Incorrect: A Houston teen is reportedly about to start college when he decides to take some selfies while holding a gun. The consequences were tragic, police say.

Beautiful makeover for a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time location
Visual-effects artist Michael Eurek builds an absolutely incredible high-definition remake of Zora's Domain from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time using Unreal Engine 4.

Diver breaks up mortal combat between deadly sea snake, stonefish
During a fishing trip, Rick Trippe came across a dangerous sea snake and stonefish fighting each other. He separated them with his bare hands and lived to tell all about it.

Apple said to be unveiling iPad Pro during next week's event
The tech titan will reportedly debut both a 12.9-inch iPad Pro and an iPad Mini 4 during its big product launch on Wednesday, rather than wait until later this year.

Age determines the transportation jobs in this sea-creature colony
New research finds that members of a group of jellyfish-like marine animals use their jets in different ways -- depending on age -- to steer the colony. No word on retirement age.

Hackers could use baby monitors to watch your kids too, security experts warn
Some video-streaming baby monitors aren't safe from hackers, a security researcher finds, and it doesn't matter how much you paid either. Experts say this is part of a trend indicating poor security in Net-connected household devices.

Verizon unveils a new logo a day after Google does the same
Verizon is opting for a cleaner look and says it stands for "simplicity, honesty and joy."

Acer introduces a stackable modular PC
Acer's modular PC, the PS4's next update is a big one, why renting cable boxes is crazy, and Google's war on full-screen mobile ads.

Sony unveils h.ear headphones and noise-cancelling Walkman (pictures)
Sony has launched a new range of hi-res portable audio gear at IFA in Berlin including headphones and players. We went hands-on.

For Motorola's latest smartwatch, it's all about freedom of choice
Motorola's head of design, Jim Wicks, isn't concerned about facing off against the Apple Watch. The highly customizable Moto 360? "It's a better product," he says.

New Xperia Z5 smartphones stick to Sony's high-end mantra
The company unveils three smartphones targeting affluent users, but it still hasn't figured out how to avoid getting lost in the shuffle behind Apple and Samsung.

'Star Wars' Post-it note wall art looms large (pictures)
Employees of UK office supply company Viking create a series of murals of Darth Vader, Yoda and other "Star Wars" favorites using sticky little pieces of paper.

Google will hold Nexus event September 29 in San Francisco
The search giant and Android maker will introduce two smartphones, one made by LG and the other by Huawei.

It took 3,597 Post-it notes to make these 'Star Wars' murals
Office supplies go galactic in a series of "Star Wars" character murals created out of blocky pieces of paper.

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