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Facebook bans Trump-linked campaign data firm - CNET
The social network bans a data analytics firm called Cambridge Analytica after reports the firm lied about how it treated data on Facebook users.

VW electric Pikes Peak race car has shades of I.D. - Roadshow
Electric cars aren't just for regular ol' roads.

Best home theater upgrades from $20 to $2,500 - CNET
Buying a TV is only half of the best home theater experience. Upgrade your AV system, too, with these streamers, sound bars, receivers and other gadgets.

March Madness indeed! UVA goes down and all brackets go bust - CNET
Hail underdogs! A No. 16 seed had never beat a No. 1 in the NCAA men's basketball tournament, until the UMBC Retrievers bounded along.

CNET Asks: Are you excited about the new Fitbit Versa? - CNET
Fitbit this week announced the Versa, the company's latest attempt at a full-on smartwatch. We want to know your thoughts on Fitbit’s newest offering!

Qualcomm's ex-CEO departs board, mulls taking company private - CNET
Paul Jacobs may launch a bid to take over Qualcomm, which his father co-founded.

Boeing's new 737 MAX 7 airplane completes first test flight - CNET
The next version of Boeing's popular 737 aircraft has the longest range of any MAX plane.

Microsoft considers forcing Windows 10 Mail users to use Edge - CNET
In a note to early testers for its Windows software for PCs, Microsoft says it's making the change to ensure security.

Windows embraces new space-squeezing photo format - CNET
Microsoft's PC software is joining Apple's iOS and Google's Android in embracing HEIF, which halves photo sizes compared with JPEG.

Apple imagines a world where you unlock everything with your face - CNET
Commentary: In a new iPhone X ad, Cupertino shows what would happen if your face unlocked more than your phone. It would be complete chaos, of course.

You may have to wait for Oculus Go until Facebook's May event - CNET
Facebook's upcoming $199 cordless headset reportedly won't arrive for a couple more months.

Court nixes FCC rules targeting robocalls - CNET
The D.C. Circuit said Friday Obama-era FCC rules meant to curb unwanted robocalls went too far and could have led to anyone using a smartphone to violate the law.

Onkyo's TX-SR383 adds height channels, but not Atmos - CNET
The Onkyo TX-SR383 offers two more channels than before, but a price bump means that the receiver may not be as competitive against models with Dolby Atmos onboard.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is now on Android... in Canada - CNET
Fortnite may have beat PUBG to smartphones in North America, but the game that made battle royale combat a fad is hot on its tail.

Apple Watch doesn't excite people, says Fitbit exec - CNET
Commentary: At an investment conference, Fitbit CFO Bill Zerella appears to suggest that the world's best-selling wearable is a niche product.

Galaxy S9 drop test: The back cracked, but the screen held up - CNET
We dropped a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S9 onto the sidewalk to see how much it can handle.

Viral Chinese game draws big money from Nike, McDonald's - CNET
The jumping game, accessed via Chinese social messaging app WeChat, attracted over a million players within two weeks of its launch. Now international brands are leveraging that popularity.

NASA could divert killer asteroids with nudge-or-nuke 'Hammer' - CNET
NASA and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory investigate a spacecraft concept that could ram or nuke massive asteroid Bennu off an Earth-impacting path.

Galaxy S9 deals: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint's offers - CNET
One carrier is letting you name an actual star.

Hacker Adrian Lamo, who turned in Chelsea Manning, dies at 37 - CNET
Once called the “homeless hacker,” Lamo was also known for hacking into Yahoo, The New York Times and Microsoft.

Apple March 27 Chicago event: New iPads, and other things we hope to see - CNET
Commentary: We could see new iPads, coding initiatives -- and maybe a few surprises.

2019 Ford Mustang has the 'Need for Green' - Roadshow
This new paint hue launched just in time for St. Patrick's Day and tax returns, but don't expect it until summer.

James Gunn confirms 'Guardians Vol. 3' follows Avengers 4 - CNET
The Marvel timeline following "Avengers: Infinity War" and its sequel is starting to take shape.

Benji is back for a new generation - CNET
No grim and gritty reboot here. Netflix has a brand-new, family-friendly Benji movie.

Hyundai Kona Electric SUV to charge into NY Auto Show - Roadshow
This funky long-range EV will look to battle the Chevy Bolt EV, Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model 3 later this year.

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