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Pokemon no go: Nintendo suffers quarterly net loss of $234 million - CNET
With Pokemon Go profits going to Niantic and The Pokemon Company, Wii U sales falling and few big hits in sight, Nintendo is hit with financial woes.

Firefox for iOS gets customizable search, battery savings - CNET
Diehard fans of Mozilla's desktop browser now have a new mobile version for their iPhone or iPad.

Apple to open retail stores in India, says CEO Tim Cook - CNET
India is the world's quickest growing smartphone market, and it's a key to the iPhone's long-term success.

Twitter dazzled, dismayed by Bill Clinton's star turn at DNC - CNET
With his speech at the Democratic National Convention, the former president shows that he still knows how to rock a lectern. The Twitterati weigh in.

Android's new Emergency Location Service could save your life - CNET
Google is rolling out a feature that will give your exact location to emergency services if you dial their number.

Man crashes car into MapleStory developer's office, said its games 'ruined' his life - CNET
The man, surnamed Lee, was visiting the country and used his brother's car to crash into Nexon's offices.

Is Amazon's Echo wiretapped, and would you group date on Tinder? (CNET's Open_Tab Ep. 8 show notes) - CNET
Plus, #THERNC and RIP to Kickass torrents. Join Open_Tab live on CNET's YouTube page Fridays around 3:30 p.m. ET/12:30 p.m. PT.

First commercial drone delivery in US included donuts, sandwich (Tomorrow Daily 397 show notes) - CNET
We'd be down to order drone-delivered donuts from a local convenience store. The chicken sandwich, though...not so much.

Twitter says it's having trouble competing for advertising dollars - CNET
Sales in the third quarter won't come close to Wall Street's estimates as advertisers increasingly favor rival social networks.

Poop-themed cafe gives new meaning to being a 'regular' - CNET
Welcome to Toronto's first poop-themed dessert cafe, where you'll enjoy sweet-smelling treats out of toilet-style dishes. You could even call the place a dump.

Can't get a ticket to the DNC? Explore Philly like a local - CNET
These five apps will help Hillary and Bernie fans who can't get into the DNC forget their differences and enjoy the City of Brotherly Love.

The CraveCast relives its youth at Comic-Con while preparing for future binge-watching (CraveCast Podcast, Ep 26) - CNET
Comic-Con 2016 got nostalgic with Double Dare, Pokemon and Power Rangers, but also offered a glimpse of more great geekery to come. The CraveCast crew reports back on all of it.

Apple's secret car project may have a new boss - CNET
A new report says Bob Mansfield, a former head of hardware engineering at Apple, is now driving Project Titan.

Hackers could sniff out your passwords if you're typing nearby - CNET
The keysniffer attack picks up your passwords when you type on a wireless keyboard. But hackers have to sneak up pretty close to make it work.

Hunting for Pokemon in the rubble of war-torn Syria - CNET
Artist Khaled Akil places Pokemon creatures amid scenes of destruction to get people looking up from their smartphones at the harsh realities of war.

Apple Music orders up 16 episodes of 'Carpool Karaoke' series - CNET
Apple Music will be home to the new spinoff from James Corden's late-night show which features celebrities singing in cars.

Apple iPad shows faint signs of life - CNET
Apple's troubled iPad business beat expectations and actually saw an increase in revenue.

Apple sales down, but iPhone 7 offers glimmer of hope - CNET
Despite struggling with weak phone demand, the company manages to report better-than-expected quarterly results.

New Facebook Messenger bot orders lunch for you, curates meals - CNET
Allset's Facebook Messenger chatbot finds nearby restaurants, books tables and lets you order meals.

TSA says it's OK to carry a mummified head on a plane - CNET
Got a mummified head? Need to fly somewhere in the US with it? No problem! Just make sure you declare it.

Obama: FBI to lead cyber incident response - CNET
The president puts the federal agency in charge of government responses to major hacks in a new policy directive.

Dear Elon: Mobileye breaks up with Tesla - Roadshow
Mobileye's investors are not taking it well, sending the stock down after the news broke.

The new Batman introduces multiplayer to Telltale's adventure games - CNET
Other people can help you make decisions and provide feedback on your actions.

Kano inks deal with Toys R Us and Barnes & Noble to sell DIY computer kit - CNET
Kano's DIY computer kit for kids started out on Kickstarter, and will soon be available in retail stores.

Watch Quake's original designer talk about Quake Champions' new characters - CNET
Meet the Champions you'll be fragging with in Quake Champions.

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