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The one thing I really hated about 'Captain America: Civil War' (spoilers!) - CNET
This is no way to treat one of the most beloved characters in the Marvel Universe. Not cool, Marvel.

CNET UK podcast 480: Samsung's VR bedtime and Boaty McBoatface sets sail as a drone sub - CNET
Plus we consider the fate of Apple Music, celebrate as Vodafone scraps roaming fees in European countries and discuss Radiohead's latest promotional tech tactics.

They're not also-Hans: Meet the stars in the running to play young Han Solo - CNET
"Hail Caesar!" star Alden Ehrenreich is reported to have been cast as the space-faring scoundrel in his own Star Wars spin-off movie.

Apple and Google reportedly buying land for autonomous car facilities - CNET
The two tech titans are apparently seeking large swathes of land for their research into driverless cars.

Apple Music streaming subscription chopped in half for students - CNET
Students will now get a 50 percent discount on yearly subscriptions to the streaming service.

Boaty McBoatface will set sail after all -- in the form of a drone sub - CNET
A new polar research vehicle will be christened the RRS Sir David Attenborough, but will carry a drone submarine with the name suggested by the public.

Crave giveaway: A prop from the 'Deadpool' set, plus the film on Blu-ray - CNET
To celebrate next week's release of "Deadpool" on Blu-ray and DVD, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has a free Blu-ray copy plus a real prop from the set. Bedazzled jeans not included.

Why I never trusted Apple Music (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 35) - CNET
Stories about whether Apple Music is deleting your files hasn't changed how Brian Tong feels about the service. Apple has its own grammar rules, and the iPhone is the most influential tech gadget, according to Time.

SpaceX lands its 'hot and fast' Falcon 9 rocket again - CNET
SpaceX has confirmed that its Falcon 9 rocket has successfully made a landing, despite a much tougher mission parameter due to a faster and hotter reentry.

Canadian university invents bionic hand that lets users "feel" their fingers - CNET
Researches at the Simon Fraser University in Canada have come up with a control system for bionic hands that lets a user "feel" the fingers of the prosthetic limb.

No joke: Comedian Louis C.K. quits the Internet - CNET
Technically Incorrect: The comedian says the Web made him constantly upset. He says he's learning the joys of putting down his phone and listening to his kids.

Yahoo's Marissa Mayer defends her maternity leave - CNET
Yahoo's CEO, who gave birth to twins last year, has been criticized for taking a limited amount of time off work after having her babies and setting a bad example to her employees. That is not the case, she says.

Oculus exec Mary Lou Jepsen resigns to cure diseases - CNET
Departure comes amid exploding interest in taking headset-wearing users to computer-generated environments.

Watch an opera singer in a high-res MRI - CNET
Filming opera singers in an MRI provides a surprisingly fascinating depth of information about how singing happens.

Luke Skywalker blows up Seattle, porta-potties and all, in new drone video - CNET
Goodbye, Emerald City: Video mixes real drone footage from underground tunnel with famed Star Wars clip.

GoPro delays launch of Karma drone until end of 2016 - CNET
Camera maker says upcoming aerial photography drone won't land on retailers' shelves until the holidays.

The future of the Internet of Things with Intel's Bridget Karlin (Tomorrow Daily 360) - CNET
We deep dive into that floating pod house, drone "fireworks" shows and IBM's quantum computing experiment. Also, we welcome Intel's Bridget Karlin to the show to discuss the Internet of Things.

Donald Trump supporters behave worst online, poll says - CNET
Social media is becoming an increasingly hostile place to talk about politics, says a new poll from Rad Campaign, Lincoln Park Strategies and craigconnects.

Junk in the trunk (supports): Nissan recalls 109,000 Rogues - Roadshow
Your trunk won't come slamming down on your head, but it could still cause injury.

New York Times will soon deliver meals, not just newspapers - CNET
Partnering with Chef'd to sell meal kits is...one way to boost the media business.

Apple fanboy? Book your ticket for Prague - CNET
The newly opened Apple Museum in the Czech Republic's capitol claims to have the "biggest private exhibition of Apple's products in the world."

$5 part saves data from phone that was literally thrown under a bus - CNET
When the wheels on the bus go smash, smash, smash, try this cheap solution that may help rescue your data.

IBM, Bausch & Lomb creating new app for cataract surgeons - CNET
Tech giant and eye-care provider are teaming up with an iOS app to provide doctors with insights before, during and after cataract surgeries.

Apple, SAP want to make your iPhone and iPad business apps smarter - CNET
A partnership between the companies will make it easier for developers to build iOS apps for business needs, like an app to predict when field equipment may break down.

Splish-splash, there's a shark in my bath: 3D floors look like liquid - CNET
Dubai company creates photolike aquatic flooring for those who'd like to be under the sea.

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