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Simulation shows Discovery's final flight -- into D.C. (video)
Next week, the Space Shuttle Discovery will take to the air for the last time, aboard NASA's special 747. But why wait to see the combo soar above Washington when you can watch this video?

YouTube returns to rock out in Coachella this weekend
Like last year, YouTube will live-stream the giant music festival. You can choose from three channels, and (probably) see the headliners, all without bathroom lines.

Stuxnet delivered to Iranian nuclear plant on thumb drive
Citing U.S. intelligence sources, ISSSource says an infected memory stick was used to hit the facility with the worm that severely damaged Iran's nuclear program.

'Cool' gadgets shine at Stanford
At the Cool Product Expo, entrepreneurs show off everything from electric cars to personalized 3D printers to a scent production machine.

'Texts from Hillary' calls it quits
The hit Tumblr got Hillary Clinton to make a submission. But now the site has become too much, and its creators said today that they're pulling the plug on the project.

Titanic disaster unlikely to happen in this age, experts say
Modern warning systems plus radar and a better sense of oceanography make it unlikely that a ship could be lost at sea--with hundreds or even thousands dead--in 2012.

George Lucas loses NIMBY clash over giant digital arts complex
The "Star Wars" filmmaker had hoped to build a 260,000-square-foot technology production facility about 30 minutes north of San Francisco. But neighbors didn't want the project.

3D printing pioneer 3D Systems buys My Robot Nation
With the acquisition, the 3D printing giant gains access to a new customer base, one that is familiar with personalized 3D creations and primed to buy many other types of products.

'Texts from Hillary:' When LOLCats met Hillary Clinton
The hottest new Tumblr features witty fictional text messages between the U.S. secretary of state and the likes of President Obama, Lady Gaga, and others. Now Hillary herself has weighed in.

Who says Silicon Valley forgets you if you're over 40?
Everyone knows that talented, young software engineers are getting handed bags of money these days. But older tech workers are also finding it easier to get hired in the Valley.

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