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Complaints handling

This page provides you with the necessary information how a complaint is handled by OrangeDwarf.com.
Typically you can identify the following steps how we deal with a complaint:

Submit Complaint:
The complaint should preferably be submitted through the "Your Questions" (horizontal top menu) or dens directly via an email to info@orangedwarf.com.
There will be a ticket created for your reference and as label for complaint and you will get a confirmation that your complaint is received, the expected time it will required to come to a resolution and the ticket number.
If the complaint is unclear, we will as soon as possible seek contact clarify.

Every 14 days, the current open tickets will be discussed by the OrangeDwarf Management Team, and, if necessary, further be activated to come to a "closure" of the ticket. Also there will be a "Lessons Learned" and "Improve Action", to ensure that this complaint is not repeated.
Eventually there will be a final "closure" which is also shared with the complainant.

If the complaint cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, there is still an opportunity to escalate to "Stichting Webshop Keurmerk".
We are a practicing member of this " Stichting" and endorse/respect fully its terms and conditions. To use this escalation path please visit http://www.keurmerk.info

We are doing everything in our power to allow our customers to have a great experience, not only when visiting and purchasing but for sure also in the order- and complaint handling.
This means that OrangeDwarf is not only striving for high quality in the choice of their product portfolio, its presentation and the information about the products but also in the care of the after-sales process! Comments to improve the after sales process are therefor also very much welcomed!

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