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AT&T, Time Warner reportedly strike buyout deal - CNET
The telecommunications giant has reached an agreement to buy the media conglomerate, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Audi down under: S7 Sportback is the New South Wales police's latest car - Roadshow
This hopped-up hatch will be in the NSW fleet for the next 12 months. And no, it's not going to be used for high-speed chases.

'Black Mirror' season 3 will give you unsettling dreams - CNET
Now on Netflix, the new series tells a trove of twisted technological tales.

Internet outage swoops across the US - CNET
Attacks against a core internet firm play havoc with some of the world's most popular websites.

Nintendo Switch: Our hopes about the next console - CNET
CNET editors Jeff Bakalar and Scott Stein talk about what they want from Nintendo's 2017 system.

Yes, your 32GB iPhone 7's storage is slower, but here's why it doesn't matter - CNET
The low-capacity version of the phone might have a bit slower storage speed, but in real-world usage, you might not have a different experience at all.

Google, Facebook, 2K score with NBA interns - CNET
A group of NBA players spent the off-season job-shadowing at some of tech's biggest companies, including Facebook and Google.

Women in tech: Why the small victories matter - CNET
The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Tech brings 15,000 women together to focus on what's going right with the industry's diversity push.

Meet the 'Class': 'Doctor Who' spinoff in pictures - CNET
Meet the cast of "Class", the edgy new timey-wimey teen TV show beginning in the UK on Saturday 22 October.

'Class' takes 'Doctor Who' back to school with extra-curricular aliens - CNET
The edgy spin-off features a smouldering teen cast and splashes of gore among the snarky gags and a Capaldi cameo.

New MacBook Pros, Airs and iMacs, oh my! (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 60) - CNET
We preview what to expect at Apple's upcoming event; the Apple Car project is on life support; and Eddy Cue calls TVs "pretty brain-dead."

Scenes from Wonder Woman being named UN ambassador - CNET
The DC Comics heroine is honored at a United Nations ceremony featuring appearances by Wonder Woman actresses Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot.

UN anoints Wonder Woman its champion of gender equality - CNET
Wonder Woman actors Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot are on hand as the heroine's named Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls. But not everyone supports the move.

Goldman Sachs uses Spotify ads to find new recruits - CNET
Technically Incorrect: Gone are the days when Wall Street waited for the hungry wolves to just walk through its doors.

LG may ditch modular design with next G6 phone - CNET
Due to disappointing sales of the G5, LG could be scrapping its swappable approach (and the phone's accompanying accessories) for its next flagship.

Star Wars officially has its young Lando (and he's perfect!) - CNET
Hello, what have we here? Donald Glover will take on the role of the suave space smuggler Lando Calrissian.

iPhone 7 reportedly catches fire, destroys surfer's wheels - CNET
An Australian surfer says he returned from the waves to find his car ruined after his Apple phone apparently caught fire.

'Virtually immortalized' Joey from 'Friends' wants to chat you up - CNET
Watch out ladies. Thanks to machine learning software, Joey Tribbiani has been reanimated as a virtual avatar that can automatically generate Joey-like lines.

Film 'She Started It' eyes struggle of women tech entrepreneurs - CNET
The number of female startup founders is low. This documentary seeks to inspire a new flock.

A rose-gold plane, for the classy supervillian in your life - CNET
Step up to a shinier mode of transportation with an exclusive Neiman Marcus airplane decked out in eye-catching rose-gold and selling for a mere $1.5 million.

Trucks, trucks, Phantoms and donkeys: Our week on Instagram - Roadshow
Welcome to the 25th installment of our plea to follow us on Insta.

Facebook likes India, its fastest-growing market - CNET
In search of the next billion people online, the world's biggest social network expands at a quick clip in the world's second-most populous country.

Donald Trump is stunningly vindictive, says Richard Branson - CNET
Technically Incorrect: The Virgin Galactic founder shares a story of lunch with the Republican nominee. He says he found it disturbing.

​How Google's Pixel phone builds a better photo - CNET
The new Android phone blends multiple shots into one to generate photos that look more like what your own eyes see.

Audi might buy back 25,000 diesels in the US - Roadshow
Buying the cars back means that Audi likely exhausted every potential option for fixing them.

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