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Bill Murray works his sports magic and Xavier upsets Arizona - CNET
Who's laughing now? The comedian's son is an assistant basketball coach whose team is headed to the Elite Eight.

Razer zVault doles out free goodies for playing video games - CNET
Earn a wireless mouse just by playing Overwatch, Dota 2, League of Legends or CS:Go while logged into Razer's network.

West Virginia loses to Gonzaga, Twitter jokes hit nothing but net - CNET
This is why they call it March Madness: those last painful minutes waiting for the shot that just never comes.

Amazon has more budget phones to sell you - CNET
The Prime Exclusive Phones program gets two more devices: The Moto G5 Plus and the Alcatel A30.

Amazon's Chinese competitor heads overseas... with bad English - CNET
The German e-commerce company brings Chinese online shopping platform Taobao to Singapore -- with content translated using Alibaba.

Trump laptop ban mocked on Twitter by Middle-Eastern airline - CNET
Commentary: Royal Jordanian Airlines takes to Twitter to offer an amusing list of things to do if you don't have your laptop or tablet.

WikiLeaks: CIA tools could infiltrate MacBooks, iPhones - CNET
A new series of leaked documents appears to show tools from as far back as 2009 that could infect Apple products. They required physical access.

Twitter considers premium offering for professionals - CNET
The social network says it is conducting a survey to gauge interest in an enhanced version of TweetDeck.

Teen sues mom for taking away his phone - CNET
Commentary: In Spain, a 15-year-old is so upset at the loss of his device that he takes his mom to court for "mistreatment."

I want my big TV: Girt by CNET podcast 103 - CNET
It's TV season and the team talks big panels, small changes and what to look for when you're buying a new screen.

'Justice League' teasers showcase Aquaman, Batman, Flash - CNET
Individual characters get their moments in the spotlight as Saturday's much-anticipated full teaser approaches.

Trump sits in a big truck, internet drives meme into ground - CNET
Keep on trucking, America. The president's love for trucks inspires a wheely awesome Twitter trend.

If Spotify were a CD store, it would be bigger than Greece - CNET
If the internet died and some of the biggest online services had to turn into brick-and-mortar stores, it would take an awful lot of bricks and mortar to make that happen.

Discovery could reverse aging and help us live on Mars - CNET
The breakthrough, which relates to how our cells repair damaged DNA, could lead to an antiaging pill. After successful treatments in mice, humans are next.

Tech industry employees: We have a diversity problem? - CNET
A new report from Atlassian shows a gap between the perception and reality of diversity in tech.

AT&T's 911 outage left 12,600 callers in the lurch - CNET
A network configuration error left thousands of AT&T customers around the country without access to emergency 911 service for five hours, the FCC said.

Most Android users running outdated security patches: report - CNET
A cybersecurity company found that 71 percent of Android users on major US carriers are easy targets for hackers.

'Rogue One' Blu-ray extras reveal 'sleepless nights' making CGI Leia - CNET
The bonus content for Star Wars spin-off "Rogue One" hints at the film it could have been -- but not the way fans might expect.

Senate votes to kill broadband privacy rules - CNET
Lawmakers invoke the Congressional Review Act to kill controversial privacy rules adopted by the previous Federal Communications Commission.

Disney CEO drops Han Solo, 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' hints - CNET
We get a peek under the shroud of mystery surrounding the next two Star Wars films. CEO Bob Iger also offers fans new hope about movies beyond Episode IX.

Nintendo Switch: Tips, games, problems and everything else you need to know - CNET
Your ultimate beginner's guide to Nintendo's hybrid tablet/handheld/TV game console.

AT&T pulls ads from YouTube, other Google sites - CNET
The US carrier joins British retailers after ads appear next to extremist videos on YouTube.

Top 10 emojis that could come in mid-2017 - CNET
Emoji 5.0 has 69 new candidates coming in a few months. We ranked which ones we thought were the best.

Social media's favorites from 69 new emojis coming soon - CNET
There's a new crop of emojis coming in mid-2017. Here are the ones people on social media think will be the best.

CNET asks: What's your favorite type of refrigerator? - CNET
Today the variables in refrigerator designs are almost limitless. Do you prefer one over another? Bring your opinions to the table and let's see what the majority likes.

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