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Move over, cartels: Ford is the new king of cheap blow - Roadshow
Ford built a mobile wind tunnel to aid wind-noise mitigation, as it's cheaper than schlepping multiple cars across the country.

Periscope hires first editor-in-chief - CNET
The live-video app wants to make sure you have something interesting to watch.

Marshmallow spreads to 7.5% of all Android devices - CNET
But Lollipop remains the most favored flavor. It's on nearly five times as many gadgets as the newer Marshmallow.

Hands-on with Star Wars: Rebellion the board game - CNET
We play the new 3-hour-long Star Wars board game so you don't have to. (But you probably should.)

All the bits and pieces in Star Wars: Rebellion (pictures) - CNET
Have a look at what you find inside the huge Star Wars: Rebellion box.

'Hundreds' of live concerts to stream in virtual reality - CNET
Live Nation partners with NextVR to broadcast major music events in virtual reality.

Amazon's bolts and beakers business is booming - CNET
The e-retailer has grown Amazon Business, which sells office and industrial supplies, into a $1 billion operation.

Google secures its blogs with move to HTTPS - CNET
The company enables HTTPS for all blogs hosted on blogspot.com, calling the security layer "fundamental" to online safety.

Apple Music may be set for interface makeover in June - CNET
Apple's music service is barely one year old and is already getting a makeover, according to reports.

Why strong female Star Wars role models matter - CNET
Commentary: For May the Fourth, CNET's Bonnie Burton explains why we should keep demanding that women like Princess Leia, Rey and Ahsoka Tano populate our Star Wars world.

Anonymous begins month-long hacking campaign against banks, starting with Greece - CNET
The hacking collective targeted the Central Bank of Greece's website on Tuesday with a DDoS attack.

Opera brings built-in ad-blocking tools to mobile and desktop browsers - CNET
Opera users will now be able to opt out of seeing ads as they browse the Internet, from within the software's native settings menu.

You can now pay someone to call customer service for you - CNET
A startup called GetHuman offers to handle your most-dreaded customer service calls for $5 to $25 a pop.

Our first May the Fourth without Han Solo: A sad day indeed - CNET
This will be the first May the Fourth since one of the most iconic legends of the Star Wars universe died, and CNET's Tania Gonzalez wants a big virtual hug from fellow fans.

Facebook pays a 10-year-old $10,000 for hacking Instagram - CNET
The latest recipient of Facebook's bug bounty program was 10-year-old Jani from Finland.

Uber prints 15,000 emails, stuffs them in sacks, delivers via horse and cart - CNET
Uber wasn't happy with recent changes to ridesharing laws in Australia. So it did what any multi-billion dollar Silicon Valley company would do.

Apple is no longer the only company that can sell 'IPHONES' in China - CNET
The American electronics giant loses its exclusive rights to the "IPHONE" trademark in the People's Republic, with Chinese courts siding against it in a recent legal proceeding.

Are we alone in the universe? Not likely, according to math - CNET
By flipping the question of possible alien life to a question of whether we are unique, researchers find it much more likely the universe has seen many civilisations come and go.

The Dawn of War III trailer is here, and war sure has dawned - CNET
In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only a trailer for the new game based on Warhammer 40k.

Apple hires ex-Google X and Nest exec - CNET
Yoky Matsuoka has moved to Apple to work on the company's health products.

'Onward Kasich': Ted Cruz exit rallies tweets, memes - CNET
The Republican candidate drops out of the presidential race and the Internet drops into comedy mode.

Tim Cook sees Apple changing the world - CNET
CEO tells CNBC's Jim Cramer that one of the ways Apple can change the world is by standing up to "dysfunctional" governments.

WhatsApp back in Brazil as judge lifts suspension - CNET
A higher court overturns a three-day ban of the popular Facebook-owned messaging app.

Welcome to hell: Art from the world of Doom - CNET
Check out these environmental concept artworks from the hotly anticipated new version of Doom, launching May 13 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Tiny homes turn to the sea in this pod ship concept (Tomorrow Daily 358) - CNET
Mini-yacht maker unveils floating, self-sustainable pod houseboat idea; also, a Brazilian design company creates Lego-like "Braille Bricks" that teach blind children.

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