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Donald Trump says he will keep personal Twitter account - CNET
Commentary: Why change Twitter handles when you're already one of the greats?

This super bowel ad will show you surgery happening live - CNET
Cancer Research UK will show a colonoscopy live to highlight the simple ways you can look for and prevent cancer.

Google's doodle highlights MLK's message of unity - CNET
Doodle honors the slain civil rights leader on national holiday observing his birthday.

Three memes that made NFL's Aaron Rodgers an internet superstar - CNET
The Green Bay Packers quarterback became a meme king after his team's comeback win over the Dallas Cowboys.

Ingenious antismoking billboard coughs at smokers - CNET
Commentary: In Sweden, a billboard looks normal. Until a smoker walks by, that is.

Comeback kids: Nokia goes low while BlackBerry aims high -- for now - CNET
Ten years ago, Nokia and BlackBerry were the hottest names in phones. Now, both are struggling to live another year.

Library book returned 100 years overdue has perfect title - CNET
Based on its name alone, one could have guessed that this short-story collection wasn't going to make it back in 1917.

Samsung heir formally accused of bribery by prosecutors - CNET
South Korean prosecutors have officially requested an arrest warrant for Jay Y. Lee, Samsung's de facto leader since 2014, in a political bribery scandal.

Tina Fey channels Princess Leia, gets in a Trump dig on 'SNL' - CNET
The comedian shows up in a version of Carrie Fisher's famed Star Wars costume, and soothes Felicity Jones' nerves.

China tightens grip on app stores - CNET
There's no Google Play Store in China, but there are plenty of imitators. And now, they all have to register with the government.

Verizon's network is ancient, says T-Mobile - CNET
Commentary: In a new, biting ad, T-Mobile suggests Verizon is a bit of an old dog.

Rest in peace, 'Exorcist' author William Peter Blatty - CNET
A 1949 Washington Post article about an exorcism inspired the book that became one of the most terrifying films ever.

Joe Biden, surprised with Medal of Freedom, sparks one last meme - CNET
President Obama's presentation to the vice president, about a week before they leave office, has inspired a batch of humorous tweets.

Twitter-verse grapples with Trump's tweets on civil rights icon - CNET
Commentary: After Rep. John Lewis declares him no legitimate president, Donald Trump scoffs and says Lewis is all talk.

Creepy 'what's in the box' ending to 'Se7en' was an accident - CNET
The unnerving final scene that spawned Brad Pitt's infamous line almost didn't make it into the 1995 film.

On SNL, Trump gets trumped on Russian hacking - CNET
Commentary: Inevitably, Saturday Night Live mocks Donald Trump's press conference. Inevitably, Vladimir Putin infiltrates it too.

PBS Kids, with a new channel, turns to tech old and new - CNET
For a free, 24/7 kids' channel, PBS experiments with cutting-edge interactivity, but it also relies on a TV tech as retro as it gets: broadcast airwaves.

Nintendo's Fils-Aime: The Switch won't oust the 3DS - CNET
Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime chats with CNET about how a device you can hold in your hand isn't actually a handheld.

Bendable and foldable phones are coming. Are you ready? - CNET
Commentary: These envelope-pushing phones will move everyone forward, but it may be years before they're fully embraced.

Apple tries to prove your AirPods won't fall out - CNET
Commentary: In new ads, Apple presents its new earpieces with suitable simplicity and an encouragement to dance on parked vehicles.

Rapunzel's hair grows back, with attitude, in 'Tangled' sequel - CNET
Hair today, gone tomorrow: The Disney Channel movie gives the princess back her long locks, and she's not happy about it.

Chevrolet helps bring Lego Batman's ride to life at the Detroit Auto Show - Roadshow
The latest Batmobile patrolling Gotham City is a Chevy.

SpaceX returns to space and nails re-entry landing - CNET
Elon Musk's rocket company successfully launches 10 satellites aboard a Falcon 9 and brings the rocket back for a smooth landing.

Lucasfilm has 'no plans' for CGI Carrie Fisher in new Star Wars movies - CNET
"We cherish her memory," Lucasfilm said in a statement regarding rumors of a digital Carrie Fisher as General or Princess Leia in upcoming films.

FCC Chairman warns Republicans against net neutrality repeal - CNET
In his last speech as chairman of the FCC, Tom Wheeler defends his controversial open internet rules that prohibit broadband providers from favoring their own services at the expense of their competitors.

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