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Google ramps up efforts to expand Indian market - CNET
The tech giant figures speaking more Indian languages will help it reach out to more Indian users.

Xiaomi's quietly ambitious new global boss sets his sights on the US - CNET
The new head of the company's international business doesn't have former exec Hugo Barra's boundless enthusiasm, but instead steers the Xiaomi ship with a calm and steady hand.

Xiaomi phones will be available in the US by 2019 - CNET
Xiaomi's new global head Wang Xiang lays down a new timeline for the Chinese manufacturer's US plans.

Apple delays release of its 'Carpool Karaoke' series - CNET
While no reasons were given for the delay, Apple did say the series will premiere later this year.

Icky wax worms could offer solution biodegrading plastic bags - CNET
A simple worm commonly used as fisherman's bait could be the key to getting rid of the plastic bags clogging landfills.

Alibaba's founder Jack Ma says AI will likely replace CEOs - CNET
Ma is predicting that 30 years from now, AI-powered robots will be on the cover of Time magazine for best CEO, and he's totally serious about it.

Russian hackers target French presidential candidate - CNET
Emmanuel Macron's campaign said its staff received phishing emails meant to steal their passwords.

Wikipedia co-founder launches project to fight fake news - CNET
Jimmy Wales' "Wikitribune" will bring journalists and others together to produce fact-checked news stories online.

Cheap tools for spring garden cleanup - CNET
Frome Home Deals: Looking to clean up the yard for spring? We've got the best deals on power washers and trimmers to help you clean up without cleaning out your wallet.

This is not the iPhone 8. But if it is, we are down - CNET
A graphic designer made renderings of what the next iPhone might look like. And it looks pretty cool.

T-Mobile's all-in bet on unlimited pays off - CNET
The carrier's move to eliminate all options except for its T-Mobile One unlimited data plan didn't slow its momentum down.

The iPhone 8 might be delayed by two months - CNET
Alleged manufacturing bottlenecks with hardware components jeopardize a fall release for a possible new iPhone.

Korean politician lures young voters with Starcraft maps - CNET
Commentary: Politicians are desperate to impress newer generations of voters. So Moon Jae-in turns to gaming as his means of persuasion.

LinkedIn reaches half a billion users - CNET
The professional network hits the 500 million member milestone.

Space station astronauts science their way into record book - CNET
Talk about a busy work week. A recent ISS crew set a new record for devotion to science in space.

Your next Samsung Galaxy phone could curve on all sides - CNET
Samsung is reportedly planning to curve the displays to all four sides of its smartphones, but that's easier said than done.

Google Maps now helps you travel abroad like a local - CNET
A new feature on Google Maps can translate local reviews into your language.

Instagram is back up, please resume your shameless food pics - CNET
Social Cues: The popular social network for images went down around lunchtime on the East Coast. All hell broke loose.

Hate crowds, love cons? Here's how I cope - CNET
What do you do when you want to go to pop-culture conventions but crowds make you want to run for the hills? Here are a few ideas.

Galaxy S8 preorder numbers: How you like them apples? - CNET
Preorder numbers for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are the "best ever," the company says.

Ford patents roof rack-mounted airbags for rollover protection - Roadshow
Airbags traditionally work from the inside of the car, but this one is a bit different.

Siri can now read WhatsApp messages to you - CNET
"Hey Siri, read new WhatsApp messages."

‚ÄčSpotify could make a smartwatch, fitness band ... even earphones - CNET
Commentary: A job posting indicates Spotify hardware is coming. Would it go on ears, wrist, or possibly eyes?

Samsung offers brilliant one-emoji putdown of Twitter troll - CNET
Commentary: The Galaxy S8 maker asks tweeters about their first picture taken with the new phone. One wag thinks he's being clever.

Sling TV cloud DVR hits Apple TV - CNET
The internet TV company's cloud DVR is now available to Apple TV users for an extra $5 per month.

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