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Welcome dear customer,
          ...allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the team of "Orangedwarf" and we are part of the Tgroup of companies.
We focus on products, able to offer our customers their "Personal Experience".

Tgroup is a Dutch company who started opening doors in 2007 and offers the market and their distinguished audiences interesting products in:
- Personal Experience        ==> www.orangedwarf.com, www.viizii.de
- Patient@Home                  ==> www.caazaa.nl
- Personal Health Check    ==> www.ckhealth.nl, www.ckbody.com, www.ckhealth.de

Focusing on "Personal Experience", Orangedwarf has a exciting, ever expanding, portfolio of interesting products enabling your personal experience!

 We are based in Helmond, a small town in the south of The Netherlands (close to Eindhoven) and have created a reliable and professional environment with expert secure networks and payment handling to support these shops. Our production partner is based in Shenzhen (China) and we have a full understanding with them, not only as far as specification of the desired features is concerned but above all on the quality requirements of our products.

We are open for your suggestions on how to improve our service and new product idea's.
In the horizontal menu you can submit not only comments/suggestions but also articles.
You can reach us at:
 PO Box 93
5700AB Helmond
The Netherlands
phone: +31.(0)40 4020858
mobile: +31.(0)6 419 05 136
email: info@orangedwarf.com

We are looking forward serving you!

Enjoy shopping with us!
the "Orangedwarf" team

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